Ponte Aérea Elétrica

“São blogueiros, escritores, cantores, dançarinos, atores / Djs, médicos, artistas plástico, palhaços, cineastas de guerrilha."

I want to swing the spotlight onto the latest from the FreakOutMuzik/A Palavra Elétrica! production crew. Ponte Aérea Elétrica - a live and recorded project bringing together 16 artists in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo under the production of Byra Dorneles and Miguel Stevele Lobao (aka Cheech). Artists include Aline Gaia, Caco Pontes, Clauky Boom, Daniel Minchoni, Denizis Trindade, Michelle Sill, Kyvia Rodrigues, Paulo Castro, Pedro Tostes, Sheyla de Castilho, Sinhá, Tubarão, alongside Miguel and Byra Dorneles, and the electro-funk sounds of DJ Robhinson and cut-up maestro MaicknucleaR.

The project brings together artists who have migrated to these two great cities from various parts of Brazil – the collective is made up of writers, singers, dancers, actors, also DJs, doctors, clowns, filmmakers, and poets. The philosophy is that all are poets. The intention is for the audience to absorb the spoken poetry whilst also having fun and dancing – Lapkat of course, agrees! The stage is taken by the artists, the DJs taking charge of the sounds. This is definitely poetry to dance to, mixing up voices that are clear and poetic, distorted, rhythmic, lyrical, with very danceable breaks. And dedicated to the electricity of São Paulo!

The project is manifesting in free live performance in the Arcos da Lapa, the heart of the cultural neighbourhood of Rio, and this album of 16 tracks dropped in December ’12. I’ll be featuring this on the upcoming Groovalizacion Lapkat podcast, and you can get the album via bandcamp, iTunes, and the rest ( click on the image above ^ )

Poetas, poets – because the word, and the dancefloor, have no borders!