Calling the global dance poetic – Special focus on Ms. Soli Tii’s World Women Project – an eclectic collection of tracks featuring the voices of women from around the world in song and poetry. Mixed with some beautiful music of this year – Midival Punditz (India) remixed by Bombay Dub Orchestra, ION (Greece) remixed by Christoph Kardek. Guy Schalom (Egypt/Israel/UK) remixed by DJ Click, Juliano Abramovay with URUBU (Brazil/Germany), P.r.Λ.Λ.H. (Colmbia/France) and Spaniol (Brazil) … plus spoken word from Greek-Australian poet Luka Lesson’s latest, ‘Antidote’.


Ms. Soli Tii – Messages from my mum 1997-1998
Midival Punditz – Baanwarey (Bombay Dub Orchestra’s Epic Remix)
Ms. Soli Tii – Hindi Eastern vibes
Ms. Soli Tii ft. Julia Grußing – Baudelaire
ION – Fjord (Christoph Kardek Remix)
Luka Lesson – Antidote
Guy Schalom – Sawah feat Abdul Salam Kheir (DjClick RMX)
Ms. Soli Tii ft. Marisa Monte – Bem Que Se Quis
Ms. Soli Tii ft. Monica Ochea – Cand ai nevoie de dragoste
URUBU Marinka – CedjaraCrioula Preview
Ms. Soli Tii ft. Kasia Lewandowska-Gradowska – Nic Dwa Razy
P.r.Λ.Λ.h – Chamada
Ms. Soli Tii – On The Beach
Spaniol – Araucária que no llores

Notes on the show

Ms Soli Tii is a vocalist, composer, and producer and creator of the World Women Project. I came across Soli and her project through the Circe: the Black Cut project – an ever-growing circle of inspiration and connection. Launched in September, the World Women Project it is a collection of pieces produced by Soli with the voices of women, her friends from around the world. The work is all dedicated to Soli’s mother, who passed away some years ago, and the track Messages from my mum 1997-1998 is so touching and emotional, it forms the soul of this hour. You can listen to all the tracks and read more at

There is so much great work being done with electronic music that comes from a very deep place of tradition and soul – sometimes dubbed folktronic – and the art of the remix is getting richer by the moment. In this show I revel in some of this work coming out of collaborations between India, France, Greece, UK, Colombia, Brazil … starting with any one of the tracks linked above, you can spend all day travelling through the links and connections, on a global aural journey. The internet is, after all, just a physical reflection of the human need to share story, is it not?