Out of Vancouver, Tanya Evanson brings her third ‘spoken wor.l.d’ music album exploring concepts of family, mythology, dialect, silence & technology…

Tanya Evanson 'Language of Gods'
Tanya Evanson 'Language of Gods'

Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Vocalist, Whirling Dervish Dancer, Arts Educator and Director of Mother Tongue Media, Director of Banff Centre of Spoken Word .. Tanya Evanson is a firework of creativity.

On Language for Gods she collaborates with the music of bRiFo (France), Jerry the Cat (US), Lisbon Alien Orchestra (Portugal), Linx (Trinidad-Canada) & Stefan Smulovitz (Canada) ... a smooth and hot mixture of dub, electronics, jazz, sonic electronic explorations. Tanya’s voice is uniquely powerful, strong, assured and melodic, deep and resonant. Always a fresh approach to poetry as music, the voice as music. ‘Antigua Antigua’ is a standout, featuring in December’s La Danza Poetica .

Also, check out Tanya’s 2008 release The Memorists inspired by life in Istanbul, collaborating with Turkish and Romany jazz artists, crossing the territories of Africa, Anatolia and Arabia …beautiful is the word.

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