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What’s new on the Lapkat playlist … discoveries and rediscoveries from the online audio world, collaborations taking place around the globe that I’m inspired to share.

November, Melbourne. Finally! Warm, tempestuous and wet spring weather, bright blue skies and teasing storms, perfect for the adolescent tomato plants, and with the warmer weather I’m enjoying listening to spoken word tracks with some cinematic space. Here’s November’s selection .. from the sublime to the … ridiculously sublime. I hope you enjoy!

To begin, im Deutsch.. I never really understand when people say they don’t like the sound of German. The wide range between soft and hard sound – the hard fast ‘k’ and the soft ‘ß’ … it’s just lovely to listen to and to speak. I learned German in my early twenties first of all to better understand Old English, oddly. I’m a bit rusty now, but still love to listen to German poetry (I’ve been told, horses love it too … (jedenfalls ist, was wurde mir gesagt..)

Via Rotorro (downtempo, minimal electro producer based in Luxemburg), I discovered this month Rain and Sun (Say). Listen to Rotorro’s remix of her ‘Reflections in love” freestyle spoken word:

Rain and Sun & Rotorro – Reflections in love (rotorro minimal trip-hop re-tread)

She is collaborating with a huge variety of musicians and producers, and what’s nice is to hear the same poem (in both English and German) reinterpreted so many ways. Here’s a beautiful poem in German, “Ich liebe sie / Löse mich aus meiner Verbindung / Löse mich aus meinem Sein / Folge ihr in die Welt der Sterblichkeit / Ich kann nur die Zeit mit ihr sein / Die sie ist / Aber das ist mir unendlich kostbar / Und ich will es sein / Mir ihr / Mit ihr …” (English translation at the link):

 Angel Martin L. (music) & Say (lyrics/vocals)

Traum (dream) – with some nice slide guitar by Orillia Junction:

Traum…… Words by Say & Music by Orillia Junction

Finally some trusty germanic electro sounds from Deutschambient

 Dreaming of the New World  *  Deutschambient (music & lyrics) feat. Say (vox)

Speaking of Rotorro, here’s a trippy mix of a few choice moments from ‘Jabberwocky’:

Jabberwocky 5.1 (feat. Sean Puckett courtesy

I also enjoyed his dub remix of Forss’ 2003 ‘Journeyman’ track.

 Forss – Journeyman (Rotorro dubtrip rmx)

I’ve talked about Panikattacken before, but given we are speaking German, they are worth a revisit. A collaboration between a poet and a producer between Mainz/Berlin, their tracks are very dark ambient, spoken word soundcapes. The poetry is also dark – love, loss, and despair. Ok so not exactly spring-like. But still a good spacious sound. Lili’s voice has a great, slight husk to it and as I say, I love the sound of this language especially bare like this.

 Verfluchte Einsamkeit (Cursed loneliness damn you…)

Es gibt keine (there is no…)

Speaking of space, let’s come back close to home and to dear old english … Isnod (Damian Stephens) working with Melbourne storytelling maestro Sean M Whelan. Sean’s been collaborating with many great musicians over the last few years, but his collabs with Isnod my favourite work so far, mainly because Damian’s cinematic sounds give Sean’s stories more room to breathe. Sean’s stories are really fairytales for modern lads..

 They Don’t Love Blue Like I Do – Sean M Whelan and Isnod

Something more from Isnod working with Mei Lai Swan from last year just ’cause I love it:

 Two Little Hearts – Mei Lai Swan and Isnod

Switching channels again, to Argentina (via Basel). Franco Bianco’s political alter-ego Frank White with “Posición– dedicado a la generación del bicentenario,” – a remixed speech of Argentinean president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.. great energy in this track. Cristina is definitely of the Peron school of political speeches… I’ll readily admit I know little about what’s actually going on here, it’s the sound of her voice with the energetic house / banda that’s capturing me. In Australia, we have no passionate politicians anymore and I cannot remember the last time we had a political speech worth remixing (at least not without derision/ as comedy). Sad…

 Frank White – Posición (Original Mix)

Switching channels again. Another new discovery from Brazil … Cabrazen who I stumbled upon in soundcloud quite by accident, the solo musical project of São Paulo singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Renato Di Giorgio… speaking of great energies! There is, as with Isnod, a cinematic quality to all these tracks.. quite different stuff to the musical tracks he’s making. I love these.

 EU TENHO SAUDADE (I miss you)

 SORRIA VOCE ESTA SENDO FILMADO Smile, you’re being filmed..

AMABILE (kindness) With the voice of Shantall

Pour finir … and no better way to finish a ‘cinematic’ selection than to bow to the work of Ubik, out of France … ! I don’t even know where to begin. The “Cinéma Cinémas” mix is just delightfully mad, and maddeningly good. Swinging from Dudley Moore to Lalo Schifrin via Bernard Hermann and interwoven throughout some sweet samples from French and US film.. it’s a key-swappingly, rooftop-cinematically, spankingly good time.

 Cinéma Cinémas

His work is prolific. Sexy. Ridiculous. I am in total audio love. So if you listen to only one thing I suggest, make it his (Gonzo Ubik Show’s) Serge Gainsbourg mashup. It’s so good I have to include the picture.
*ah, Serge*:



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